Our highly skilled magicians perform a series of amazing tricks in a 40 minute show filled with excitement and comedy. Gearing their act to the general age of your group, our magicians demonstrate sleight of hand with cards, coins, cups or rings, and illusions with floating silks and disappearing objects. Some use bunny rabbits and doves in their acts. The children, and especially the birthday boy or girl, are always invited to participate in the magic tricks making the party experience all the more fun for everyone. Following the magic show, our magicians craft wonderful balloon sculptures for each child with a limit of 15 guests in their 1 hour program. (More time is available for larger parties.)


Our magicians have thrilling stage show productions which not only mystify their young audiences, but keep them laughing as well. Illusions using props and live animals are demonstrated to the amazement of all. Our magicians perform their magic with true showmanship and comical style. Audience participation is an important element of every show. Children are invited onto the stage to assist the magician in various tricks to the delight of everyone. Our magicians can stage their magic acts at schools, fairs & festivals, promotions, and special events of all kinds whether private or corporate.


Urban Circus Magic features a truly amazing group of talented magicians who have brought their skills and performance style to the highest level. Demonstrating a repertoire of sleight of hand tricks and illusions as they mingle with guests, our magicians never fail to astonish. Always striving to innovate their performance with unique concepts in modern magic, our magicians have earned excellent reputations and are sought after throughout the New England area for private and corporate entertainment.


Several of the magicians represented by Urban Circus Magic have gained notoriety for their electric and sometimes bizarre performances on the national college circuit. Mastery at grand illusion, comedy, wit, and unique concepts in modern magic are all elements of their spectacular shows. Mind reading, escape stunts, and inventive grand scale illusion are wowing audiences. An Urban Circus Magic event planner will works closely with your coordinator to book an amazing magic act for your upcoming show.


Whether as pure entertainment at a corporate banquet or as a means of conveying your message in a most unusual way at an important meeting, Urban Circus Magic has a group of talented magicians to satisfy your needs. We are able to customize a presentation for all types of business events. An unveiling of a new product can be elevated to the level of pure excitement with the help of one of our mysterious wizards. At trade shows, our magicians will bring in the crowds with their very cool demonstrations of the super natural. Just call one of our event planners with your specifications, and we will strive to provide you with magical entertainment to dazzle clients and guests.